A brief introduction of people cooperating in the company. 

Evženie Bílková

General manager

Over 40 years in travel business, beginnings as a tour guide. Later worked as group coordinator with 2 years experience in USA. From 1991 in private travel business. Hobbies like traveling around the world and exploring new cultures.

Blanka Bílková

Project manager & travel buddy

Over 7 years in travel business, beginnings as technical guide. Except travel business working with children or as a bartender in Prague city center. Hobbies like learning new languages or camping in the woods.

Petr Bílek

Tour manager & supervisor

Over 12 years in travel business, beginnings as technical guide, later worked as driver guide and tour manager over Europe. Hobbies like traveling with family & friends or playing football.

Jiří Bílek

Legal advisor

Over 30 years in family travel business, assists in resolving legal matters. Works as attorney in a private law firm. Hobbies like traveling into the wild, reading detective stories or taking care of cats.