Take a quick look what's new in our company.

New company plans and future activities can be found here. 


We would like to wish you happy new year 2022!  


Have you ever heard about goulash? Goulash is originally from Hungary but Czechs love them so much that they nationalized it! It is a soup or stew with a lot of beef meet and onion (may be added other vegetables), usually is eaten with dumplings and drinks a beer with it. This food is good for autumn time because can warm up.

Czech goulash with dumplings and a great czech draft beer
Czech goulash with dumplings and a great czech draft beer


Weather is starting to get a little bit worse but it won't stop us either to be in a good mood. However, autumn Prague is also magical!


September is the best month to visit Czech Republic because is still nice weather but during the day is not so hot like in summer. We are creating new programs to fulfill all your wishes!


Today is Petr's birthday (happy birthday to him!) and we went on a small walk around Prague. Almost no tourists in the city center but really nice weather! And when we'll meet to have a walk together?

Famous Charles Bridge almost with no one - unique shot!
Famous Charles Bridge almost with no one - unique shot!


Summer is here and with it high temperatures. In these days we prefer to stay around lakes, rivers or pools and have a great cold beer. How do you survive these summer days?


Summer is coming to Czech Republic so we started with traveling around the country to find the best places which you must visit on your way to Europe. 


Situation with Covid-19 gets a little bit better so we are planning new tours. At this time Blanka start with hiking, she is enjoying Czech nature and sends greetings to all of you!

Excited Blanka in the nature (near to Prague)
Excited Blanka in the nature (near to Prague)


We are working hard on preparations of Passion Play 2022. All our company members are still all right and looking forward to live as before.  


We are working on new tours and we hope that the situation with Covid-19 gets better soon so we should meet together already this summer. All our company members are healthy and full of energy. All of us are looking forward to travel as before!


We have finished moving the office to better premises. Ready for doing new business!


Starting with website reconstruction and with moving the office. Look forward to a new design!